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This should be a fun post.  I’m pretty proud of my server room and the infrastructure I’ve built.  Having worked in the I.T. industry specializing in enterprise compute, storage, virtualization etc, I felt my own setup is pretty resilient.  But then disaster struck.  On Friday last week, we had a power outage.  No problem, everything is on UPS backup batteries and good for a half hour.  I got notified in the middle of the night that I needed to shutdown some key systems to protect data.  Well, that’s where the problem came in.  I’m not gonna lie, I was out getting piss drunk and didn’t know my ass from my elbow.  The power outage was an extended one and a number of systems went down hard after their UPS ran out of juice.

Typically this isn’t an issue however when the systems came back up, my vSAN was corrupt and I lost a significant number of virtual machines.  Luckily, I always keep backups so I had to spend the entire weekend and the better part of this week to recover everything.  Happily I haven’t lost any data because of good backups.  It just takes a lot of time to recover (considering I house over 100 TB).  Anyway, I’m almost done rebuilding and should get back to the 2.0 plugin release soon.

2.0 Testing

The 2.0 Plugins testing is in full swing.  I’ve got some volunteers that have been helping me test (full credit forthcoming) and squash some bugs.  The progress looks promising and I’m confident I’ll be releasing before the end of May.  I’ve got lots of documentation to update because some of the plugins have a lot of new features and I plan to re-release new videos of each plugin in the near future as well to help with the learning curve and capabilities of many of them.

Upcoming 2.0 Plugins

Well it’s been a while and like most of us into this game, real life often gets in the way.  That said, I was very close to the release of the version 2.0 plugins and I wanted to drop a note that I will be releasing them very soon.  I had to re-install my dev system and reload everything from SVN but after a number of checks I can say that the plugins are complete and ready for testing.  I’m going to be running through them on my server for the next couple weeks and finishing updating the new documentation for them in preparation for release.  I expect them to be available to you in a few weeks.

As for the World Plugin, I haven’t been able to give it the attention it deserves so I’ve decided that I’ll be releasing a condensed version of it shortly after 2.0.  The modular nature of the World Plugin allows me to add features to it easily so expect to see that soon too.  Feel free to test out the 2.0 version plugins available on the Legends Persistent World.  Details about my dev world are HERE.

World Restore

Due to an unforeseen incident today, I had to perform a system wide restore of the server back to 10:00 PM MST last night (Tuesday, September 28th).  I know there are a couple of players that regularly visit the server so I’d like to apologize for the lost time.  The server is backed up every two hours however the issue stemmed from an bad script that caused mayhem in the database that began just after the restore time mentioned.  Once again, apologies for any times lost.


Just a couple of updates.  I’ve been on vacation for a few weeks now which is why I’ve been away from the site and work.  I’ll be returning in the near future and finish up testing of the Legends 2.0 plugins for release.  Also for anyone interested in playing on the Legends PW, I’ve opened it up this week so feel free to log in and play.  The hak pak should be downloaded using the link on the WORLD page of this site.  If you find bugs or have suggestions, feel free to let me know!