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Legends Quest Plugin 2.0b

I’ve updated the Legends Quest plugin to version 2.0b. This includes 2 bug fixes for the Special Effects plugin. The first is to allow the “Destroy” special effect to include placeable objects. The second is the “Run Custom Script” special effect was not displaying it’s text field properly on the form. To install, re-run the setup.exe file to copy the new plugin and re-import the ERF file into your module and re-compile all your scripts. You can get version 2.0b from the plugins page or HERE.

NOTE: This includes the bug fix for the unknown column issue for “story”. See below for further details.

Discord Server

I’ve setup a Discord server for getting help or just chatting about Legends, your modules and NWN2 in general. It’s probably the easiest way to reach me for any help you need. I’m usually online but sometimes AFK. Leave messages there as I read them when I get on.

Bug Fix in Quest Plugin 2.0

With the help of NWN2 community member Jitur, we’ve fixed a bug when creating NEW databases with the quest plugin. If you have seen an error pop up in the plugin when running the Configuration tool, then you’ll need to either start with a fresh database or do some manual clean up. NOTE this occurs only on new databases. Once you’ve downloaded the new version “2.0a” and installed it, and you want to manually fix your broken 2.0 configuration you have to manually delete all the “leg_quest_” tables in your database and delete the “leg_quest.ini” file in your module folder. Then you can re-run the Quest Plugin configuration tool, click Finish and all will be well. You can get the fixed version HERE.

2.0 Plugins Released!

After trials and tribulations, long waits, much testing, numerous fixes, many enhancements, the Legends 2.0 series of plugins is now available for download.  I would have liked to do a little more testing but like any developer, if you wait for it to be perfect, you’ll never release it.  So after a very nasty outage with a lengthy recovery, I have completed the 2.0 release and are available on the PLUGINS page of this site.  Please report any problems to me on the forums on this site or through direct email to marshallv@nwn2legends.com.  Please enjoy my contribution to this amazing game and community.


This should be a fun post.  I’m pretty proud of my server room and the infrastructure I’ve built.  Having worked in the I.T. industry specializing in enterprise compute, storage, virtualization etc, I felt my own setup is pretty resilient.  But then disaster struck.  On Friday last week, we had a power outage.  No problem, everything is on UPS backup batteries and good for a half hour.  I got notified in the middle of the night that I needed to shutdown some key systems to protect data.  Well, that’s where the problem came in.  I’m not gonna lie, I was out getting piss drunk and didn’t know my ass from my elbow.  The power outage was an extended one and a number of systems went down hard after their UPS ran out of juice.

Typically this isn’t an issue however when the systems came back up, my vSAN was corrupt and I lost a significant number of virtual machines.  Luckily, I always keep backups so I had to spend the entire weekend and the better part of this week to recover everything.  Happily I haven’t lost any data because of good backups.  It just takes a lot of time to recover (considering I house over 100 TB).  Anyway, I’m almost done rebuilding and should get back to the 2.0 plugin release soon.