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Back in 2001, I heard about a new game coming out called Neverwinter Nights.  Being an avid Everquest player and an age old Baldur’s gate, Black Box and Gold Box DnD player, I was always interested in adventure gaming on the PC.  Since those days, I’ve played and modded as much as I could get my hands on.

In NWN1’s time, my friends and I ran a persistent world for many players but like many, it aged quickly.  Then, I heard about the new upcoming 2006 release of NWN2 which dragged the game into a modern day.  I was pumped and started by planning to move our NWN1 world into NWN2.  On release however, NWN2 was filled with game breaking bugs, crashes and was just not ready.  Many of my NWN1 PW friends moved on to other things as a result and I found myself on my own.  It seemed that a lot of others had this same issue and if you weren’t a member of some gamer group, you had a challenge recruiting help for a bug ridden game platform.  That said, I found a new passion.  My love of the MMO.  Some time later, a lot of the bugs were fixed and some community members wrote add-on’s and wrappers to help fix a lot of the bugs and I began learning how to navigate around numerous toolset bugs as well.  As such, the game and tools actually became usable but it was too little, too late for many of my friends.

I decided to identify what it would take for someone to build a world alone with ease and speed.  I needed help.  I needed a method to do things in my world without the time sink it takes to write scripts and code.  I needed to be able to take the duplicated time consuming tasks and remove the duplication, bug testing and general time it took to do anything and I wanted it to have an easy to use interface so I don’t have to worry about debugging scripts that even though I’ve written hundreds of times, I still would manage to fat finger something and spend hours debugging.

As a result, the Legends plugins were born.  I created a world filled with quests, monsters and stories and with the support of my family, played on it and have had a great time.  Since then I’ve continued updating my plugins and working on my world when time permits and have enjoyed every moment.  I have opened my world to the public to try out what my plugins can do but be aware it currently looks like something a mad scientist put together.  My world turned into my own personal playground to not only play NWN2 but to develop my plugins which I have since released for others to use (I make no warranties!!  LOL).  From time to time I invite others to come play and may even open it up at some point for those that just want to log in, run some quests and kill stuff for fun. If you’re interested in playing check out the World page. If you’d like to join me in some group questing, shoot me a message on Discord (See Contact Page).