Legends Persistent World Kit

This kit is a starting place for those people who want to setup a simple NWN2 persistent world.  This kit is discussed in the video how-to that goes along with it which can be found HERE on YouTube.

Legends PW Kit

Legends Persistent World Hakpak (v1.1 Updated Dec 27, 2013)

This RAR file contains the Legends PW hakpaks. If you are a player on the Legends PW you can download this here and manually place these in your hak folder in your NWN2 installation under My Documents OR you can have the NWN2 Auto-Downloader grab them for you. NOTE, you will still need to download the TRX files through the auto-downloader but having this already downloaded will save you a lot of time staring at the auto-download screen. Also here is the Legends Template module which has the haks configured in the correct order as well as all the placeable blueprints that are in the hak for use when creating areas for the Legends Persistent World.

Legends PW Hakpak
Legends Blueprints Template

Legends Plugins

NOTE: Please un-install any previous versions of these plugins prior to 1.8 and install v1.8 clean.  Follow the upgrade notes documentation and things should go fairly smoothly.  Feel free to ask for help if you need.


Legends Quest Plugin 1.92 – Create numerous quests quickly and easily.

Legends Info Plugin 1.92 – Provide Information to your players in various ways.

Legends Craft Plugin 1.92 – A complete tradeskill system.

Legends Spawn Plugin 1.92 – Enhanced Spawning for objects and creatures.

Legends Banter Plugin 1.92 – NPC chatting, clue giving and general speaking.

Legends AI Plugin 1.92 – Simple AI to enhance the built in AI.

Legends Loot Plugin 1.92 – Complete and powerful Loot System.

Legends Teleport Plugin 1.92 – Teleporting, Server to Server, Dungeon Instances

MySQL Connectors

MySQL Connector v6.8.3 – All Versions 1.92 and higher.

MySQL Connector v6.5.4 – All Versions 1.8 to 1.91

MySQL Connector v6.4.4 – Pre 1.8 Plugins

MySQL Connector v6.4.3 – Pre 1.5 Plugins