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Legends Plugins

NOTE: A number of world builders have had issues where scripts were not firing on placeable objects and other weirdness. Please ensure that you are running the Aurora JIT NWN Script engine for NWNX on your server as the Legends Plugins depend heavily on this new engine. To install:

JIT Engine for NWNX folder – This file you need to extract into your “NWNX” folder on your server
JIT Engine for NWN2 folder – This file you need to extract into your “NWN” folder on your server. This folder is where your nwn2server.exe is located.

The Legends plugins are a collection of tools for the Neverwinter Nights 2 toolset that enable a persistent world builder a powerful and quick way to accomplish common tasks without having to write any scripts.  While these plugins are designed for persistent world builders, many of the features of each can be used in single player modules and campaigns.

Legends AI Plugin v2.0 – DETAILS | DOWNLOAD

Legends Banter Plugin v2.0 – DETAILS | DOWNLOAD

Legends Craft Plugin v2.0 – DETAILS | DOWNLOAD

Legends Info Plugin v2.0 – DETAILS | DOWNLOAD

Legends Loot Plugin v2.0 – DETAILS | DOWNLOAD

Legends Quest Plugin v2.0b – DETAILS | DOWNLOAD

Legends Spawn Plugin v2.0 – DETAILS | DOWNLOAD

Legends Teleport Plugin v2.0 – DETAILS | DOWNLOAD

Legends World Plugin v2.0 – COMING SOON


Even if you are creating a single player module, if you intend to use the Legends Plugins, you will need to install the mySQL Connector.  You install this on your computer that you use the toolset on.  You DO NOT need to install this on your server, just your toolset computer.

mySQL Connector 6.9.8 for Legends Plugins v2.0 – DOWNLOAD


NOTE: All Legends Plugins are packaged using Advanced Installer Professional.