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The Legends Persistent World is built with the Neverwinter Nights 2 Game Engine. To play here, you must have Neverwinter Nights 2, Our Hak Pak and Skywing’s Client Extension.

Step 1. GET THE GAME – The game can be caught on sale for as little as $9.99

Step 2. GET THE HAK PAK – Unzip this into your “Documents -> Neverwinter Nights 2 -> hak folder”

Step 3. GET SKYWING’S CLIENT EXTENSION – Unzip this to your desktop and use the “NWLauncher” application to start the game.

NOTE: It’s come to my attention that several people who know nothing about Neverwinter Nights 2 have expressed interest in playing but are not familiar with hak packs and the like.  Click HERE for extra help.

Here are some other important things to note about the Legends PW

  • SUCCESS – Don’t measure success on the Legends Persistent World by leveling.  This world is about spending a lot of time to learn about the stories and people that live in it.  There are more quests on Legends than you may realize and each one tells a story of the person and persons involved in it.  Measure your success by learning who they are and what their stories are.  Measure your success by completing the tasks they set out for you.  Measure your success by the wealth and treasures you find and are offered by the quests you take.  Thinking the only way to progress is by gaining a level will cause you to miss the point of this world.  If you are looking for a place to gain XP and level up, look somewhere else.  Experience Progress in Legends is SLOW, BUT you don’t grind fields of monsters with senseless killing for no reason; instead you meet people, visit places, lend a hand and work with a purpose!  Legends follows the classic MMO strategy (think Everquest when it only had 2 expansions or Classic WOW).
  • You only gain XP by completing quests – Killing monsters does not give you XP.  Why should it?  We feel that if the objective of a quest is to find and loot the ancient chalice from the altar, then the fighter can go in, kill the monsters, and get the reward and the rogue can sneak by the bad guys and do the same.  Why punish the rogue for doing what he does best by giving the fighter XP for killing monsters.  We reward for completing a task and we don’t care how you go about doing it.  There are a LOT of quests in Legends so it might be helpful if you take notes as you go so you can remember key points.
  • Legends is a multi-server World – This means the world is broken into a number of smaller chunks and split across a number of physical servers.  Happily, we’re lucky to have a lot of compute hardware infrastructure so we are able to do some neat things like private dungeon instances where you can break down doors, bash chests and many more nifty capabilities.  When you kill the Evil Undead Hound during your dungeon crawl, it stays dead.
  • Death Penalties Are Minor – Let’s face it, death sucks in games.  For old schoolers, death was harsh in games and involved things like running naked to try and get to your corpse before it vanished.  That doesn’t work for today’s “now” generation, so death is a pain, but the pain isn’t long term.  When you die in Legends, the most you lose out on is some time.
  • ECL races are hard to play – Our quests are geared to level up players of standard races.  It is recommended you avoid ECL races if possible.  The ECL races are: Gray Dwarf, Drow Elf, Svirfneblin Gnome, Gray Orc, ALL Planetouched, and Yuan-Ti Pureblood.  If you feel you MUST play one of these races, note that the early levels will be very challenging for you.
  • Monsters will only give chase so far – Then they run home but can’t be hurt when doing so.  If you are in the middle of a fight and it goes badly, RUN!  The monsters in Legends will only chase you so far.  Typically they can run faster than you so they will get a couple of attacks in as you run away however chances are you’ll escape without even having to leave the area.  Make no mistake however, when they decide to give up the chase, they can no longer be hurt until they make it back home.
  • Progress is SLOW. – This is a medium-low magic, slow progression world.  It will take many quests to gain levels.
  • READ, READ, READ the quests – There are plenty of stories, plots as well as the typical fed-ex type quest so reading them will help you understand the world around you.  They will guide you to what you need to do next.  Many NPC’s will not be interested in talking to you because they are members of other quests that may not be available to you until you complete some other related quests.  Did I already mention there are a LOT of quests in Legends?  Take notes, sometimes it can be hard to keep up.
  • This is not a role-play server – Role-play if you wish but don’t expect the same in return.  There are plenty of RP servers out there so this server caters to casual socializing and questing.
  • Defeating Monsters will Help you Do Things – Interacting with many objects such as quest objects and tradeskill harvesting take time.  During this time you will be unable to function.  Ensure there are no nearby creatures that could take that opportunity to attack you.
  • Tradeskill tools break over time – It’s often wise to carry more than one.
  • There’s Usually Multiple Dungeon Runs – Especially on larger dungeons, you’ll usually end up going back more than once.  If you want to save time, only go as far into a dungeon as the quests you have for it.  If there is more to the dungeon to explore, rest assured, some quest will bring you to it.  Don’t be surprised if you have to make multiple visits to a dungeon.  It’s wise to find as many quests as you can for a particular dungeon to reduce the number of times you need to visit it.

Eleden Starting Area

The Eleden Starting area is primarily used for you to get some experience points and to learn about how to play NWN2 Legends Persistent World.  Please try to read all of the information boxes you are given as they will contain information to many of the questions and unique differences that the Legends World has.


Notes about Quests

Where are the quests and how do I do them?  The first thing you need to notice in Legends with respect to quests is who the quest givers are.  All quest givers and quest participants have loot bag icons over their heads.  If they wish to speak to you, the loot bag will glow a subtle red so keep an eye out for them.  It’s important to read the quest so you know what you have to do.  If you forget, you can always look in your journal.  You can only have 15 quests of each type active at any given time so be sure to complete them before moving on to new areas if possible.  A quest giver with a quest for you will look something like this:


You can press the “J” key on your keyboard to bring up the quest journal.  Make note that the journal has 5 buttons on it for the 5 different types of quest you can have.  Be sure to check them from time to time.  With the journal on your screen, you can click on a quest title to see the details.  The white text will help you understand the story, the reasoning behind the quest, and what’s going on generally.  The yellow text is the objectives of what you need to do.  If you can’t figure out what to do based on the yellow objectives, carefully read through the white text for clues that will help you complete your objective.  SPECIAL NOTE: During many quests, your objectives may change as you go.  Be on the lookout for the red “Objectives Changed” message as you progress and refer back to your journal to see what’s different.


Because Legends is a quest driven world, it is important to understand Quest difficulty.  While we try our best to identify how difficult quests are for a given character, it’s not always 100% accurate however, following these general guidelines should help.  First, the difficulty of the quest will be shown by the color of its title.  There are a number of different colors starting with easiest to hardest.  They are:

  • Grey – Very Easy, Very Much Below your Level
  • White – Quite Easy, Much Below your Level
  • Cyan – Sort of Easy, Below your Level
  • Green – At your Level or Close to it
  • Yellow – Challenging at your Level
  • Red – Difficult at your Level
  • Purple – Very Difficult at your Level

Some look like this:




Besides quest titles, there is an icon next to each which can also help identify how difficult a quest can be.  The icons represent the type of quest you are about to go on FOR the level it was designed for.  They are:

  • solo_normalSolo Quest Normal
  • solo_hardSolo Quest Difficult
  • group_normalGroup Quest Normal
  • group_hardGroup Quest Difficult
  • raidRaid Level Quest
  • crafting_normalTradeskill Normal
  • crafting_hardTradeskill Difficult

Notes About Skills

  • Survival is useful for setting up camp sites for resting,
  • Spot and Listen are great for “noticing” secret doors.
  • Search is used for “finding” secret doors.
  • Diplomacy, Intimidate and other conversational skills are used in quests but very sparingly.
  • Open Lock is useful in dungeons for loot.  Many chests and doors can be picked by rogues.  Some can be bashed but not all.
  • Disable Device is useful in dungeons as there can be many traps all over.
  • No Crafting type skills (or feats) have any use on Legends at this time.

Secret Door Note

  • When you are searching for a secret door, you will use your Detective’s Kit.  Because there may or may not actually be a secret door where you are searching, the actual search check roll does not show.  After all, what’s the DC of a secret door that doesn’t exist?  That said, if you are searching for a secret door, take note that you may not find one on the first attempt but you will not see a search check roll.  If you are certain there IS a secret door where you are searching, simply try a few more times.


  • The Legends world uses the Legends Craft plugin for its tradeskills however crafting of items doesn’t currently exist in Legends.  That said however, some harvest type skills do indeed exist and only cost some gold to learn.  If you wish to do quests that have the tradeskill icon in them, you will need to learn AND practice a tradeskill such as Botany and Skinning.  They are easy to obtain and with some patience, easy to practice.  You just need to purchase a tool for the trade and find some objects to harvest.  Various harvest items such as different plants will have a different difficulty.  You can gauge the difficulty by the nearby quests in the areas you are practicing.